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Admissions Geek


Admissions Geek is a full-service college admission consulting firm that helps students navigate through the admission process to get into college, grad, business, law, and medical school.  

My role as the Freelance Graphic Designer is to help support the team in all design projects; blog template, blog flyers, webinar ads, and social media banners. 


Freelance Graphic Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator



Logo Re-Design

The Admissions Geek team had one goal for their logo and that was to stand out. After conducting research on their competitors, I noticed a common theme: owls, graduations hats, and/or a focus on the font with a simple graphic element. I took out my sketchbook and pinned away on Pinterest.  I experimented with the owl and glasses that were in the original design but felt that it was too close to what already existed. Instead, I made the font bolder, added a small graphic element that can be altered, and combine everything into one graphic element. 


Webinar Ads

The webinars are designed to catch the attention of current students, future students, and parents. The goal is to evoke curiosity so they watch the live webinars.  I utilized the Admissions Geek's colors to highlight important information, especially for more text-heavy ads.  

Webinar Ad_Nick_v3.jpg
AG_Panel Graphic_Square_v2.png

Blog Flyers

Similar to the webinar ads, the blog flyer's purpose is to catch the attention of students and parents. The blog does not only cover resources on how to help students but shares news for other resources and tools. In these designs, I added a highlighted element to add attention to the most important information.  

AG_ACT AD_Square.png
AG_Common App_Square.png

Blog Template & Ads

The goal of the blog template was to drive more clicks to the social media accounts (icons on the left), signup for the newsletter, and signup for a free consultation. The previous versions only had the blog image and text, so I added a branded look to all three elements in order to have these elements stand up in the blog posts. 

Newsletter Blog Ad.png
Blog Ad.png