Aster Parker


Aster Parker is a luxury bedding company based in Virginia. 

I'm currently working with the Aster Parker team to re-design their website. The goal is to create a consistent look throughout the website, speak to the targeted audience, and update the content. 


UI Designer 

UI Design, Research, Wireframes, Interaction Design


Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe XD


Aug 2020

Project In Progress

Throughout this project, I learned a great deal about working with people and how I present the information. I tailored my presentation to the client's needs and the project was then able to run smoothly and at a faster pace.  My role in this project is to focus on the visual aspect of the website.


My focus was to make the information easy to navigate through and to correlate the photos with the content. These were the final three options I provided to the client for the website layout.

Behind the Design

My approach for this project was to design a simple website where everything on the screens would fit in harmony. I chose photos that had a similar color to the website, and I also made sure the photos had a relation to what the content was saying.  

AP_HomeScreen_v1 – 1@2x.png

Interaction Design

These two interaction designs are to illustrate the hover and click options for the buttons on the home page.