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Eber Health


The Eber Health app is a health care service provider at your doorstep. From doctor's visits to private yoga classes, you won't have to leave your home.


I was asked to join the Eber Health team to work on their wellness application as an intern. I was given creative freedom of creating an app design from scratch, focusing on the UI design. 


UI Designer 


Sketch, Illustrator

Brittany is defined by the passion she has for her craft, and how that radiates in the work environment. I had the pleasure of working with Brittany at Eber Health in several projects. During this time, Brittany demonstrated excellent UX skills, communication skills, along with a strong work ethic. Her positive attitude made it enjoyable to work with as well. I would recommend her work without hesitation and welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 

Heber Michaels

Chief Executive Officer at Eber Health

Project Takeaways

Eber heath was the first app I worked on with this company and it gave me the confidence and encouragement to pursue this career path. The user experience design portion of the project was completed by the intern that was there before, so I focused on designing the user interface. I was fortunate to have complete freedom for designing this app, and I learned a lot about my process with design and how I approach problems. 

In this project, I learned about myself as a designer:

  • Design Style. With a text-heavy app, my first concern was not overwhelming the user. I researched trends on highlighting content, expanding menus, and using color to assist with guiding the user. I was able to take the knowledge I gathered and create an app that was user friendly. 

  • Approaching a Project. I'm quick to start designing. I like to spend a couple of minutes on each screen to designing different versions to see what works and what doesn't. This allows me to get my creativity laid out, and see what's functional.


At the start of the project, I spent time establishing primary and secondary colors. I compared an array of colors and chose the ones I thought would represent the brand. Blue was primarily used on the website for the company, and I wanted to add a complementary, secondary color. 

After choosing a few colors, I applied them to the design to compare which one would represent the company the most. When I shared it with the Eber Health team, we concluded that the two shades of blue were the route to take. 

Blue creates a sense of calmness and serenity. It is often seen as peaceful, secure, stable, and reliable. When it comes to health, you want to feel safe, and that you trust the brand. As the primary color, it creates a sense of calm when choosing your health care provider service. 

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Behind the Design

The goal of the design was to create simplicity in a content-heavy app. With the information that needs to be included, I used color and pop out screens to be the most important components of the design. This will allow more space without having to take away information, or overly clutter the screen. 

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