Euka wellness mockup
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Empowering a life of
good health.



Concept project

UX/UI Designer


3 Weeks


Project Objective

People have high expectations when interacting with websites, especially when it comes to online shopping. Ensuring the moment they land on a page to finalizing their order is a smooth and seamless experience will do wonders with customer loyalty. The lack of structure, features, and overall intuitive interface will derail the user from completing their order. So how do we improve? Let's dive deep into the redesign of Euka Wellness as an example.


Before finding a solution, we need to get a better handle on the problems. Conducting a website audit on the current website is the first step. But it doesn't stop there. Next up is doing an audit on competitor websites to see what they are doing right, and most importantly what they can improve on.

A few of the problems I encountered in this audit consisted of:

  • Not accessible

  • Complicating filter option

  • No direct feedback for filters

Euka Wellness Website Audit
Euka Wellness Wireframe


Now that we have our foundation, we can start sketching out the solutions. The audit extended to the wireframes as I research best practices for filtering, sorting, and overall ecommerce websites.

My approach to the solutions consisted of:

  • Redesigning the hero image to be legible

  • Grouping all the filters together for easier navigation + scannability

  • Displaying the customers selected filters to provide direct feedback + a quick & easy way to remove unwanted filters

  • Adding a sort by filter that lists out the best sellers, lowest & highest prices for customers who need a quicker & more direct search

  • Adding a breadcrumb to provide direct feedback for where the users are on the page



The mockup highlights the major differences between the before and after. The after focuses on removing friction, providing direct feedback to users to avoid uncertainty, and creates an intuitive user experience.

Euka Wellness Mockup
Euka Wellness mockup

Hover over to
see the before!

Euka wellness mockup
Euka wellness mockup
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Redesigned the shop and product pages of an Ecommerce website to enhance the users experience leading to customer loyalty and higher sales.


Although ensuring business goals are met, the true goal is designing for your users. Without them, you wouldn't have a business so it is essential to speak directly to them, and create a positive user experience through UX best practices.