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Ever Hydrate


Ever Hydrate is a water consumption app that allows you to track your water intake throughout the day, week, month, and year! 


After completing the first project with Eber Health, I was asked to work on their second app. The focus of this project was how to make a water consumption app more enjoyable. 


UI Designer 

UI Design, Research, Wireframes


Sketch, Illustrator


June 2020

Brittany is a great visual and interaction designer. Brittany worked remotely for one of our more complex products. Her intelligent approach to design and empathy for users makes her well suited for any User-Centered design projects. She's a thoughtful, creative problem solver, who naturally anticipates and addresses usability issues. She is an extremely pro-active and collaborative self-starter. She will make a strong addition to any team, and I look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future.

Nick Morgan

Chief Product Officer at Eber Health

Project Takeaways

After successfully completing the first app for Eber Heath, they asked me to work on their second app.  I took what I learned from the first app and applied it to this project. I was fortunate enough to be the only designer on this project, and collaborate with the Cheif Executive and Product Officer at Eber Health. 

In this project, I obtained the following skillsets:

  • Combining a modern and playfulness design. My favorite type of project is when I get to apply playfulness to a design with a modern approach. 

  • Constantly Check Alignment. When you look at something to long you don't see what is in plain sight. I went back to look over this design and had seen the alignment was well off on a few screens. The trick on taking time away and coming back helps open your eyes to the things you might miss. 

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Calculate the Water Input/Output Consumption

These screens are the base of the app and the goal was to make it fun. I played around with a few ideas in the design process, and asked myself the following questions:

- Would the user tap on the cup to fill it, and double-tap to take the water out?

- Would there be multiple cups in a line that would fill as they consumed water?

- Are these ideas fun? Would it encourage people to drink more water?

- How do you make a drinking app fun?

The answer to the last question is, give the app a similar feel to a game. To achieve this, I added badges for when the user reached their goal. Each 'level' would receive a new badge. Another way I made these screens more fun was by adding interaction. Each time the user clicks on the cup icon the screen fills up with water. The interaction would consist of the water splashing up as they made it closer to their daily goal. 

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Data & Metrics

It's all fun and games until you need to track your progress. The goal for this screen was to provide the information clearly and have the design simplistic. Let the data talk, and the visuals provide a helping hand. I kept the colors to a minimum, leaving the brightest color for the most important information. 

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Reminders & Notifications

What would an app be without notifications! But what type of notifications would provide useful for a water consumption app? Inspiration. Education. Drinking water is not the most fun activity but it is essential, and if the user has opted to receive notifications then they understand the importance. 

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