Concept Design for GoPro


The following designs are concepts I created to illustrate how I would approach these projects. I came up with a new feature to add to the GoPro app, along with two email marketing newsletters. 

GoPro Re-Design Idea

There is a single sentence on the GoPro website that inspired me to re-design the app,' We believe that sharing our experiences makes them more meaningful and way more fun'. Although there is a social media sharing feature, I believe creating a community within the app is essential for like-minded individuals to connect, inspire, and share. 

I conducted research on an existing app to learn what is and isn't working. DivePlus is a community focus app for scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts alike, but it's bogged down by hashtags, likes, and confusing icons. I gathered the reviews from users, along with my own feedback, and came up with two goals for this feature.

Content Focus. In order to achieve this, I minimized the space to allow more room for the shared content. The like, share, and comments feature can be found in the FAB (Floating Action Button). The like counts have been removed for all viewers, to focus on engagement, rather than status. 


Minimalistic Design. One of the biggest feedback on the DivePlus app was the gallery view containing too much information, which minimized the size of the photos. In addition to adding the FAB, I grouped the comments under a button that can be accessed under the photos, leaving more space on the screen. 

Email Marketing

These designs are to intrigue the GoPro audience; athletes, travelers, photographers, adventure seekers alike. With people like this on the go, the information needs to be presented clearly and to the point! The information is based on research I've done on the GoPro website, and the photos are used from Unsplash. 

DiveCaptureShare_Email Marketing.jpg