Concept Design for Plate Joy


The following designs are concepts I created to illustrate how I would approach these projects. I re-designed the current landing page, along with an interactive screen, and four digital ads. 

Landing Page Re-Design

The current landing page is GREAT! I have a few ideas on hierarchy, color, and design that I would love to share with you. My goal was to simplify and to carry out the repeated designs throughout the home page. As for the customizable planner, I thought the idea of information popping out was perfect, I have a suggestion that can be seen below, as well as a design idea on how to make that section POP! Want to see the design up-close? You can find it here: PlateJoy Landing Page Design


Kept it simple by adding one image and utilizing the orange for the button! (Also matches the food!)

The How-To should be front and center so I moved it up and added the wave graphic element to match the hero image section.

Aside from the interactive screen,

I opted out of the images within the uneven circle, and separated them to create more diversity in color!





I changed the color of the stars to the color palette, and wave element to create a cohesive feel!


Added the 'About' section so viewers can access that info right away!

Organge button 

up top and blue button down here!

The current info. box design, covers the text. 

This is my solution protoype!


Digital Ads

What's the goal for Digital Ads? Capture people's attention and intriguing them enough to click the Start Free Trial Button! I combined the wonderful color palette and icons from PlateJoy with a few of my ideas. I wanted to incorporate food into one of the designs, so I used the uneven circle that's common on the website to help highlight this graphic element. For the long vertical Ad, I purposely didn't include a lot of information to get the viewer intrigued and to click on the link to learn more, or at least go to the website. With a playful design and a company with great goals, there are endless ideas to create eye-catching digital ads! 

PlateJoy_Digital Ads.png