Sea Salt Collections


Sea Salt Collections is an online small business I'm in the process of creating. The products are a collection of my designs that were inspired by the sea. Each piece in the collection has a story behind it. 

The goal of the company is to spread awareness about the ocean and to donate a percentage of the profits to a non-profit who is fighting to keep the ocean clean and protect the animals. 


Owner / Visual Designer


Illustrator, Photoshop


May 2020 - Current

My Story

I grew up in a small town but didn't put more than my foot in the water. It wasn't until I learned to scuba dive that my love for the ocean had increased immensely. Now, I don't have fear of what's inside the ocean, instead, I welcome the opportunity to see the beauty the lies beneath the surface. With my new appreciation for the ocean,  I make conscious efforts to reduce having a negative impact because I want the ocean and the animals to be healthy. Each design tells a story, my story, and it's within my hopes that I can inspire people to love the ocean as much as I do. 

Ocean Lover 

I grew up in a small beach town and was fortunate to live within walking distance of the beach. Sitting on the beach while watching the waves was my favorite place to be. This design is for those who feel the same. So we can show people that loving the ocean is the first step to taking action to protect it. 

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Inspired by the Sea

All of my designs are inspired by the sea because the ocean inspires me to love and care for it every time I see it. It fills my heart with love when I'm diving and came across a playful seal, or driving along the coast looking out on the horizon. There is so much creativity to draw from. The ocean is constantly giving, and it's time for us to take less and give more back. 


Respect the Locals

When we go hiking, we are increasing our chances of seeing a mountain lion. When we go into the ocean, we are increasing the chances of seeing a shark. These animals are there. It's their home and we're just in it. This collection is to remind people that we aren't entitled and we don't own the mountains or the ocean. There are animals that have been there for years. They all serve a purpose, and if we don't want to see them, or risk getting attached, then we simply stay away.