Take The Stairs


Take The Stairs is a business and marketing consulting company based in Nashville, Tennessee.


My role as the Graphic Designer was to design persona-based social media ads for both Take The Stairs and their clients, along with writing the copy.


Graphic Design


Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva



Social Media Ads • Take The Stairs

Take The Stairs has a specific type of design style, one that I was not used to. I took on this challenge to learn how to work with others who have a different perspective. The other challenge I faced was juggling specific design requirements with the freedom to explore. I achieved this by offering 2-3 examples for each project, clearly communicated with the client to explain the reason behind each design, and meeting the client in the middle. 

Persona Based Ads_Concept 03.jpg
Persona Based Ads_Concept 01.jpg

Social Media Ads • Blaine Barrilleaux

The Law Office of Blaine Barrilleaux was one of three of the clients for Take The Stairs that I worked on. The focus for these ads was for two separate audiences. One was to advertise his services to those who have been in wrecks and are quickly searching for a lawyer. The other audience (Reason for Football Ads) was geared towards being a 'Home Town Lawyer' who cares and partakes in the community.