The creative adult is the child who survived.

Ursula Leguin


Erika Weiss

Owner of

Lux Closet Cleanout

Working with Brittany was a pleasure! She understood my vision and delivered a beautifully designed product that was exactly what I was looking for. She was easy to work with, friendly, creative, thorough, and fast. I would happily hire her again.

Nick Morgan,

Chief Product Officer

at Uber Health

Brittany is a great visual and interaction designer. Brittany worked remotely for one of our more complex products. Her intelligent approach to design and empathy for users makes her well suited for any User-Centered design projects. She's a thoughtful, creative problem solver, who naturally anticipates and addresses usability issues. She is an extremely pro-active and collaborative self-starter. She will make a strong addition to any team, and I look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future.

Heber Michaels,

Chief Executive Officer 

at Eber Health

Brittany is defined by the passion she has for her craft, and how that radiates in the work environment. I had the pleasure of working with Brittany at Eber Health in several projects. During this time, Brittany demonstrated excellent UX skills, communication skills, along with a strong work ethic. Her positive attitude made it enjoyable to work with as well. I would recommend her work without hesitation and welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Manav Mital,

Founder and CEO 

at Cyral

I had the opportunity to work with Brittany on a very important, time-sensitive project. She was highly dedicated, ramped up quickly, finished tasks promptly, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly appreciated her commitment, diligence, and communication every step of the way. I'd recommend her strongly for any role and look forward to working with her in the future

Carole Manning-Kim,

Director of Sales and Marketing

at Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Brittany handles a myriad of responsibilities. She has been instrumental in the surprise and delight activations for our client's graduation, move-in for UCB, special amenities for our BPR Sales Summit. Brittany handles the social media platform for the hotels as well as creating
various ads/promotions to drive business to other areas of the Hotel - Thanksgiving – ZINO. She is an instrumental part of the culture committee for the Holiday trees and 110 Anniversary.

Alex Desquiron

Director of Operations

at Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Brittany has led the charge with our 110 yr. anniversary promotion, having curated the items on display, generated history trivia questions, and generally taken a personal interest in the research, planning, and execution of all of it. Brittany is also responsible for social media covering both the restaurant and hotel. This includes taking and editing photos, writing copy, and all the detail work that makes a successful social media post. Brittany has also led the charge in our logo conversion, managing the data transfer into different formats, sourcing printers, and providing the copy. Brittany plays a major role in the branding of our hotel. Her attention to the detail and sincere enthusiasm show in here work.