Tunelele is an easy-to-use digital Ukelele tuner app for beginning artists, that turns the microphone into a powerful and precise tuner. No need to buy additional devices! 

This project is apart of a five-month UI/UX Design Specialization offered by the California Institute of the Arts through Coursera. In the first month, Visual Elements of User Interface Design, the focus was on UI design and articulating meaning behind color, type, and imagery.


UI Designer 

UI Design, Research, Moodboard, Icons


Sketch, Illustrator


June 2020

If everyone played the Ukelele, the world would be a better place

Jake Shimabukuro

Project Takeaways

I had completed the Graphic Design specialization offered by the California Institute of the Arts through Coursera back in 2017 and was thrilled when I learned they started a UI/UX specialization. I value education therefore I take part in advancing my skillset whenever available. 

My key takeaways:

  • Establishing Language. What is it? Who is it for? And, where does it live? The focus was to build the look and feel around the language. The language we used would be the foundation for how we built the app and whom we planned to target.  

  • Targeting the Audience. I learned the importance of targeting a specific audience. Trying to build an app for the general public leaves no room to speak to your users on a more personal level. The goal is to make the user feel that you built the app for them. 

Language & Audience

The language of choice was to target an audience from the age range of 12 - 35, who are just learning how to play. My goal was to broaden the range of users and to keep it youthful, no matter the age of the user. There is a surprisingly large community of people in their 20-30's learning how to play the Ukelele. I am one of those people. Most adults would think of learning guitar before they thought of the Ukelele. But from personal experience, the Ukelele is much easier to learn and it makes you feel youthful when playing. The words that came to mind when thinking about this app were playful, animated, friendly, and entertaining.


Tagline // Tune your Ukelele and get ready to have fun!

Description // Tunelele is an easy-to-use software that allows you to tune your Ukelele without needing to carry around a tuning device. Open the app, select the chord you need to tune, strum the strings, and the app will let you know if it's too high, too low, or just right! Don't know how to tune? No fear. We have a section to teach you. Want to learn about chords? We'll teach you where to put your hands so you can get playing in no time! 

Playful / Animated / Friendly / Entertaining


With the language established, I created the mood board, to sum up, the vision for the app. The ukulele is often referenced with Hawaii, so I drew upon the Hawaiian culture for inspiration. Island life is full of color from the ocean, birds, to the flowers, and trees. The light-hearted nature of Hawaii fell in line with my goal for this app: keep it youthful. 


Behind the Design

Although the approach for the app was playfulness, I added a modern and minimalistic touch. I didn't want the app to be 'child-like', and I'm a firm believer in keeping apps simple and utilizing hierarchy to help guide the user throughout the interface.