Vibely is a community-based app where influencers can create challenges for their followers to partake in. The app is focused on building a community and creating engagement through these challenges. I was asked to partake in the design challenge to revamp their current design and come up with a way to increase their engagement. 

Currently, I'm working on side projects with the company, and the below was apart of my application process. 


UI Designer 

UI Design, Research, Interactive Design


Adobe XD


Oct 2020

Design Challenge

The first part of the design challenge was to find a way to increase the number of challenges completed. The second part was to design a vibrant user interface that evokes a fun and positive environment for their targeted audience. 

Research: Targeted Aduience

The targeted audience for Vibely is Generation Z, a.k.a the Mobile Generation. In my research, I learned:

  • Easy to engage with - Harder to retain 

  • Thrive on social media attention 

  • Don't want to be treated as a 'type' - Prefer to be fluid 

  • High expectations for mobile apps

  • Low Attention span 

  • Prefer positivity, fun, interaction/engagement, bright/contrast colors when it comes to design 

Mind Map

In my research the word that stood out to me the most was FLUID. This mind map was created to spark ideas on how to make that happen. The map consists of other keywords from my research such as 'Flowy' and 'Vibrant Colors'. From there I complied other words I believed fit within what the Gen-Z was looking for in an app. 


Vibrant Colors






Design Challenge Part One

The solution to increasing the number of challenges completed is to treat challenges like a game. That involves adding a few graphic elements to the design.

  • Add a progress bar around the profile photo so it can be viewed throughout the app.

  • Add a progress status section next to the number of completed challenges, so the user knows how many more challenges they have to complete to level up.

  • Add a 'Challenges' section for the user to easily see what challenges they've completed, and which ones they can partake in. 

Design Challenge Part Two

The 2020 design trend I believed fit within the requirements for Gen-Z, and the design challenge was personalization/customization. This feature allows the user to customize their profile in the backend of the app. Within limitless options, the Gen-Z user can express themselves in various ways. The status bar will also change colors, so as you'll see in the messaging portion, their self-expression is seen throughout the app! 


Group Messaging

Since the app is centered around influencers and their followers, I branded the individual messaging groups by adding their colors and a place for a hero image.