Widget Designs


In the world of design, constantly learning is key! That's why I love participating in Dribbble's weekly warm-ups. It gives you a chance to try something new, engage with other designers, and most importantly learn! This week's prompts were to design a widget of your favorite app in honor of apple's newest feature. After completing one design, I was hooked and had to do more! 

ThredUP Widget

I would LOVE a thredUP widget! With constant deals and categories added to the website, it would prove beneficial to have it displayed on the home screen of a mobile device! The widgets below would be an example of the current Fall Shop category. It provides a quick view and an option to shop. 

Headspace Widget

Let's face it, meditation isn't easy, and keeping motivated is even harder! I think Headspace does a great job at creating a welcoming and inviting space through the various features they offer, and playful designs/animations. Having a headspace widget can help keep people accountable! How could you not notice this design when you open your phone!? It's making me want to meditate...

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