Mediterranean Restaurant

ZINO Restaurant & Bar


ZINO is a Mediterranean restaurant located in downtown Berkeley.

My role at ZINO was to lead social media from concept to completion, guest engagement activities (online & in-person), photographed content and designed all print and digital collateral. This role also covered the marketing and design for Hotel Shattuck Plaza.


Visual Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva,



2019 - 2020

Brittany has led the charge with our 110 yr. anniversary promotion, having curated the items on display, generated history trivia questions, and generally taken a personal interest in the research, planning, and execution of all of it. Brittany is also responsible for social media covering both the restaurant and hotel. This includes taking and editing photos, writing copy, and all the detail work that makes a successful social media post. Brittany has also led the charge in our logo conversion, managing the data transfer into different formats, sourcing printers, and providing the copy. Brittany plays a major role in the branding of our hotel. Her attention to the detail and sincere enthusiasm show in here work.

Alex Desquiron

Director of Operations

Design & Marketing

Since I had taken on the design work for Hotel Shattuck Plaza, when ZINO opened, I was asked to do the designs for them as well. Due to Covid, I had to leave not knowing what the future held. Therefore, I wasn't able to gather all of the designs I had loaded into my work computer. The following are a few copies I had stored on my personal computer. 

Social Media

Once ZINO opened, I collaborated with the restaurant executive team to plan the content to ensure we were updating the community and followers on new menu items for food and drinks. I also worked with the kitchen staff to plan photoshoots for these new food items.